Master Lock No. 1

LockReviewer’s Take:

Four standard non-security pins and a wide open key way make this a decent first lock for a fledgling picker.

Masterlock says:

The Master Lock No. 1 Laminated Steel Padlock features a 1-3/4in (44mm) reinforced laminated steel lock body providing extra strength and a 15/16in (24mm) tall, 5/16in (8mm) diameter hardened steel shackle for excellent cut resistance. Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance making it ideal for industrial applications.

This lock is disappointing all around. Unlike the ABUS Titalium lines that have hit the market, Master keeps pumping this line out even though it provides inferior protection and quality at a higher price point.

The lock is heavy and feels sturdy. If someone knew little about locks, they might even believe it is good at actually preventing people from getting in. The issue is, while an easy lock to pick or rake, the No.1 is also riddled with bypass security issues. Rapping the side of the lock while applying tension has been known to pop the No. 5 in seconds. With the No. 1 you will not need to get creative. A pair of standard shims will get you into whatever the No. 1 was supposed to secure.

The biggest pet peeve I have with this lock is that it is so easy to pick. A standard city rake will probably do the trick depending on the pinning. While I’m on pinning, did I mention that there are four non-security pins in this lock? I picked my No. 1 in literally under 30 seconds just by fumbling around with an upside down medium hook and applying strong tension to the cylinder.

Top Amazon Review:

I use this regularly with a cable to lock my bicycle – opens and shuts easily at all times, and no concern about someone breaking or cutting it. Former lock was unreliable – sometimes I couldn’t open it – not an issue with this one. – Loyd (5 Stars)

True to form, Amazon does not disappoint with it’s top review (of 2) on the No. 1. However, I do not consider ease of opening to be a good thing when it comes to a lock.

Bypass Warning: This lock can be shimmed.

VERDICT: High price for  weak protection – do not buy.

Master Lock No. 1






Bypass Rating




Build Quality



  • Hardened Shackle
  • Heavy Bulid


  • Bypassable
  • Overpriced
  • Easily Picked

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