Brinks Discus Lock R70

Lockreviewer’s Take: The Brinks R70 is basically a knockoff Abus Diskus series. It is not a bad choice for securing a storage unit if you are concerned about bolt cutters given the price point.

Hampton Products International describes the R70:

>Help protect your valuables with this Brinks 70mm Discus Padlock. It is made from stainless steel and equipped with tumbler security. The Brinks padlock features a hard shackle and has front key access. It can be used on the job or around the home, and is ideal for securing lockers, cabinets, doors and storage units.

  • 70mm
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Measures 2-3/4″
  • Model number 153-70001
  • Keyed padlock well-suited for home and jobsite use

Hampton Products is the manufacturer of Brinks locks so do not be fooled in thinking that Brinks Home Security is actually making these.

As mentioned previously, this design is most commonly seen made by Abus. Abus’ Diskus line provides excellent security for sheds and storage units without worry about corrosion. The only real brute force attack I have seen on an Abus Diskus that works relatively quickly involves using a plumbers torch, which rates second on the list of most conspicuous ways to break a lock with the first being gunfire. The Brinks R70 would fall to the same attack. That said, the best way to review the Brinks variant is to compare it to the Abus Diskus line.

The first thing you will notice, and the reason these locks are used so frequently when locking storage units, is the circular design. Any padlock’s most vulnerable point is going to be at the shackle. Upon locking a unit or shed it becomes nearly impossible for anyone with a pair of bolt cutters to position them on the shackle. Thus, the weakest point of the lock remains protected by the unit itself. If for some reason the shackle was still exposed, it would still take a decent set of cutters to get through the hardened steel shackle. Brute4rce‘s Youtube video shows how long it would take to gain access. However, if the lock is fitting properly and is flush against the door it is locking, it would not be possible to mount the cutters in the first place.

So, what does the Abus lock have that the Brinks does not? The Abus line has a paracentric keyway with a dimple lock, is key retaining, and is double bolted so that both sides of the shackle are secured by bolts or balls giving increased protection. Without a doubt, the dimple lock is going to be the trickier proposition over the Brinks 4 pin tumbler lock. However, the Brinks R70 does not have standard pinning, but rather it does have some spool pins. I am confident that there are some lock pickers that could blow through this lock in their sleep; however, this lock provides much more protection than first meets the eye. As a practical matter, a potential thief taking the picking route would be huddled near the ground next to your storage unit and likely picking this lock upside down. It is one thing to defeat a lock with security pins in the comfort of your own home and quite another to do it outside with varying conditions.

Verdict: While the Abus Diskus series is superior to the Brinks R70, the downsides are negligible when considering that Brinks is providing equal security where it is most concerning with outdoor storage – brute force attacks. The lowest priced Abus Diskus you will find provides similar security for double the price.


Brinks Discus Padlock R70






Bypass Rating




Build Quality



  • Affordable
  • Comparable security to higher priced locks
  • Security pins
  • Protected shackle


  • Can be picked by intermediate lockpickers
  • Prone to cutting with shackle exposed
  • Can be melted

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