ABUS Titalium 64TI/40

LockReviewer’s Take:

Easy to pick, but no real bypass concerns. This low-end Chinese made Abus provides little protection, but better than similarly priced alternatives.

ABUS says:

TITALIUM™ padlocks, from security specialist ABUS, represent a new dimension in security. The TITALIUM™ material is a special aluminum alloy that uniquely combines a high level of strength with lightness. The 64TI can be used both in the private and commercial sector for locking bags, suitcases, cash boxes, chains, doors, gates, cabinets, etc. The special hardened steel shackle is NANO PROTECT™coated for extra corrosion resistance.

This lock is lightweight, has moderate spring tension and has a smooth locking mechanism. It seems Abus has been outsourcing their lower end models to China. Regardless, the lock feels well made. It is lightweight yet durable and aesthetically pleasing. A decent pair of bolt cutters would cut through the shackle like butter. I actually use this lock while at the gym, but I admit it has some serious flaws.

Here’s the deal. This lock is pretty easy to pick as there are no security pins. Thus, any beginner could probably have it open in under a minute.

It is susceptible to:

  1. Rocking
  2. Raking
  3. Bumping
  4. Single Pin Picking

On the plus side; however, this lock is well made. The price point (3 for around $20) makes it highly desirable and preferable over a Master combo or padlock. I haven’t attempted to shim it, but the lock does have a dual locking mechanism. The shackle entries are tight. This leads me to conclude that the 64/40 is not prone to simple bypassing. Unfortunately, the 64TI/40 would be quite a bit more secure with just two spool pins.

Top Amazon Review:

These are pretty decent padlocks. You get three German engineered(Chinese Made) locks and four matching keys for a wonderful price. The locks are all keyed alike.

About: This lock has a harden steel shackle with nano protect; the company states that nano protect is a coating to help make this lock corrosion resistant. When open, the lock body swings around with a light spring action that guides the body back to locking position.The body of the lock is an aluminum alloy which makes it really quite light. When unlocking this lock, the key springs back parallel to the lock so you don’t have to fumble around with the key. All around, this is just an elegant smooth operating lock. I would HIGHLY recommend these any day over a Masterlock.

Security Features: This lock has a double locking shackle(see picture) so it can’t be shimmed. This lock also has a strange shaped key way which makes it harder for a novice to pick. I’m not saying it’s unpickable; it is just more difficult to pick. The harden steel shackle makes it more time consuming to cut with bolt cutters. Below is the company’s website if you really want more information for your lock purchasing endeavor. – Amazin’ (5 Stars)

For once, we will agree with an Amazon review. The price point is fair, the lock is corrosion resistant, it is spring loaded and provides good counter tension.

VERDICT: I would trust keeping this thing on a gym locker, but probably only because it would be a bigger problem for a potential thief than the guy next to me with a combo lock. 


ABUS Titalium 64TI/40






Bypass Rating




Build Quality



  • Afforable
  • Paracentric Keyway
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Not Shimmable


  • Standard Pins
  • Easily Picked
  • Low Security

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