About LockReviewer

I remember vividly in high school when a friend opened my Master combination lock with a soda can in less than five seconds. I was amazed. This amazement became concern after time the longer I thought about how simple it was for others to access my belongings that I thought were safe.

As time went by that concern faded. I went through college and law school never questioning the security of my flimsy dollar bin padlocks. That was until a brief moment of curiosity led me to picking my first keyed padlock. It was easier than I ever imagined. I began studying locks, the mechanisms, the bypass security measures, and security pins. My newly found hobby naturally led me to the internet where I was sure I would find a consolidated resource for lock quality and design. Imagine my surprise when creditreports seemed to take the cake. Amazon reviews rave over what might be the easiest locks to pick on the market. In sum, this little site is an effort to educate and offer my recommendations and thoughts on the following:

(1) What a lock should do;

(2) What a good lock should have;

(3) What any consumer should be looking for in a lock; and,

(4) Which locks, in my humble opinion, are well made and provide more than aesthetic security.

I am not a locksmith, engineer, or locksport. My posts are my own opinion. When those opinions are shaped on the thoughts of others you will know as I will cite them and link (when applicable) to the source. If you read something on this site that you feel is incorrect or not properly attributed, please let me know and we can discuss the same. If you are a hobbyist or professional and have something to contribute, have criticism or would like to write a post, please let me know. My goal is to make this site a go-to resource for consumers so that they be informed before spending their hard earned money on something that potentially could save their valuables or their life.